About 8seats

The power to get more stuff done with your team.

Inspired by how conversations flow naturally in real life, 8seats is a communication tool unlike any other. Powered by dynamic messaging, it makes team collaboration faster, easier and more meaningful than ever.

With mind blowing efficiency that will allow teams to get more done at light speed, dynamic messaging allows you to chat with any combination of people in your team with a simple tap or swipe.

That means less endless lists of groups. More of the right people in the right conversations. Less noise. Less setup. Less wasted time. More getting stuff done.

In fact, we’ve clocked 8seats at up to 4x faster than other chat apps to get the same things done. Now you and your team can spend more time on the things that matter, with the people who matter.

8seats offers you 3 powerful ways to communicate:

  1. Tables – Natural conversations for groups and teams of up to 8 people – powered by dynamic messaging.

  2. Rooms – Really simple group chat for when you need to reach larger groups with more than 8 people.

  3. Quick Chat – Get the simplicity and speed of email combined with the power of dynamic messaging.

Plus, all of your messages and personally identifiable information is secured on 8seats using 256-bit encryption to protect the privacy of you and your business.

We have many more innovative features coming to 8seats soon – so you can get even more stuff done.

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